Interview with Andrea Fernández & Inka Gressel from ColaBoraDio radio studio

Curator Andrea Fernández and head of the ifa Gallery Berlin Inka Gressel speak about the process of creating the exhibition The Listening and the Winds. Narratives and Inscriptions of the Gran Chaco, which emphasises listening as an urgent and necessary approach for a decolonial exhibition practice. The radio collective featured in the exhibition “Radio Comunitaria La Voz Indigena” from Tartagal, Argentina, have put together a playlist especially for this programme. Finally, archive material from the three Listening Sessions invites the audience to continue listening.

Ecologies of Listening explores listening as a practice of actively and consciously relating to our environment. How can an embodied practice of listening enhance the ways in which we connect – to ourselves, to the environment and to other forms of life and nature? Through which channels does nature ‚transmit’? And what role does listening play when composing? Through experimentation, listening exercises and sound walks from radio art, composition and somatic practice, the three listening sessions invited an investigation into active listening.

Curated by Annika Niemann & Rosanna Lovell