We are extremely happy to announce that TERRITORIO will be shown online for 48 hours starting on 27 November, 19:00 in snyc with the screening and discussion of the film in the Cultural Center Litania Prado of the Communitarian Radio the Indigenous Voice in Tartagal, Salta, Argentina! 

The workshop “Ethnic Memory” created by the female organization ARETEDE, investigates the oral history of Taikolic, a warrior cacique from the Toba community who led battles resisting the occupation of this region. In the documentary essay by Brayan Sticks in collaboration with ARETEDE a group of young students in Tartagal aiming to be schoolteachers are engaged in representing this story, something that has been excluded from the official historical narrative.

TERRITORIO is featured in ifa Gallery’s exhibition “The Listening and the Winds”, but since the gallery is currently closed, we would like to share it with everybody online and beyond Berlin.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/lgctgnQa20o