Whether audacious hoopoes, ostentatious mallards or charming nightingales, birds take centre stage in the Persian poet by Farîd od-dîn ‘Attâr The Conference of the Birds, the inspiration for Katia Kameli’s exhibition The Canticle of the Birds.

Using the exhibition as a creative starting point, participants will invent fantastical feathered creatures of their own which they will then make using found objects, paper and textiles. These creations will then come together to form a colourful parade in the gallery’s window.

For children from 6-9 years old

Please register at: ifa-galerie-berlin@ifa.de

Svenja Wolff is an artist and art educator. She works primarily with performance and sculpture and is fascinated by found objects and collective storytelling. After completing a master’s degree in art history and literature, she is currently studying a teacher training programme in fine arts at the UdK Berlin.