In the writing workshop, we will spin narratives from the viewpoint of plants. We will try to leave our human perspectives behind and temporarily become plants in our writing. 

Donna Haraway describes storytelling as a game of string figures: “Playing games of string figures is about giving and receiving patterns, dropping threads and failing but sometimes finding something that works, something consequential and maybe even beautiful, that wasn’t there before, of relaying connections.” In that spirit, this workshop will experiment with writing (science) fiction as an ecological, liberating practice.

Reto Pulfer

Plants play an important role in Reto Pulfer’s work. The artist disassembles stinging nettles into their constituent fibers and spins threads, then dyes fabric out of which cavernous installations, music, and performances emerge. In 2020, he published his second novel Gina, ein zuständiger Roman (Gina, A Responsible Novel; Bom Dia Books, in German) whose protagonist transforms into a kind of stinging nettle plant in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

Workshop for teenagers and adults.

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