Learn to make dye out of plants! Autumn is colorful. In the workshop, we will collect its colors and bring them along into winter. Using nettles, goldenrod, blackthorn, and more, we will extract plant dyes and the plants’ spiritual essences will leave traces on paper and fabric. Along the way, we will come across many colors and hues beyond green!

Reto Pulfer

Plants play an important role in Reto Pulfer’s work. The artist disassembles stinging nettles into their constituent fibers and spins threads, then dyes fabric out of which cavernous installations, music, and performances emerge. In 2020, he published his second novel Gina, ein zuständiger Roman (Gina, A Responsible Novel; Bom Dia Books, in German) whose protagonist transforms into a kind of stinging nettle plant in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

A public program for children ages 6–12.

Please reserve your spot here: ifa-galerie-berlin@ifa.de

Faserlabor 2 © Victoria Tomaschko