Manuel Raeder (Germany) and Rodolfo Samperio (Mexico) are long-time collaborators recently working under the name Probject, concept borrowed from the brazilian designer, artist and composer Rogerio Duarte. They create exhibition design, mixed use spaces, signage and related objects under a perspective of playfulness and dialogue rather than invisibility. They move in an area where design intersects with contemporary art, becoming means for reflection not avoiding political dimensions.

In this talk, we’ll hear about Probject’s recent work in Berlin, Quito and Mexico City, particularly the ongoing exhibition “Pallay Pampa” at ifa Gallery Berlin, the archival sitting space at DAAD gallery and “Eduardo Costa” at Museo Tamayo, México City. We’ll also hear about work that has led to their present collaborations, especially works made in collaborative processes within the artisanal and the tough migratory realities of Mexico.


Rodolfo Samperio is a Mexican industrial designer. His main focus is to promote art- and design-related disciplines as relevant tools for empowerment and strong social and environmental change. He is the co-founder of Tuux, a Mexican boutique studio based on sustainability and social responsibility, El Centro del Espacio (The Centre of the Space), a free knowledge distribution platform about social design and architecture, Probject, and a proud member of Taller Nuevo Norte (New North Workshop), an empowerment workshop through collaborative processes within migration realities throughout Mexico.

Studio Manuel Raeder is an interdisciplinary design studio based in Berlin since 2003. Its activities include a wide range of formats, exploring the boundaries between exhibitions, ephemera, books, type design, editing and publishing to furniture design, as well as curatorial praxis. Studio Manuel Raeder is concerned with the construction of narratives, both in the form of books, exhibition and communication design.

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