Brazilian artist and researcher Camila Sposati, renowned for her interdisciplinary artistic oeuvre, presents her exhibition Breath Pieces (Part 2) at ifa Gallery Berlin. Having premiered at ifa Gallery in Stuttgart in May this year, the exhibition represents a renewed voyage into the profound intricacies of sound, the natural world and the symbiotic interweaving of culture, history, science and politics.

Showcasing pieces, a result of her research in different territories and cultures, the exhibition unfolds as a meticulous dissection in itself, with Sposati probing into the annals of history, materials and elemental forces.

Fundamental to Sposati’s artistic philosophy is a compelling call for a paradigm shift in the perception of objects, particularly those of ethnographic significance. She contends that objects should not be subject to the passive regulation of the observer, rather, that they themselves should dictate the terms of their observation. This revolutionary shift in perspective imparts an active agency to the objects, guiding the observer through clandestine layers of meaning uniquely unveiled within the context of Berlin. Breath Pieces invites the viewer to reevaluate the intricate interplay between elements, history and the multifaceted human experience.

Curated by Marcelo Rezende and Bettina Korintenberg.

The first part of the exhibition Breath Pieces was on display at ifa Gallery Stuttgart from 13 May to 20 August 2023.

© Victoria Tomaschko