With Melanelle B. C. Hémêfa, Day Eve, Savanna Morgan, Leila Rufus

Shaking up the scene since 2014, the Poetry Meets_ Series is a creative space for local and international artists. Beyond sounds, verses as harmony, poetry as dance: Across disciplines, arts, genres and languages, the platform unleashes new potentials in the interplay of poetry, music and dance.

Hosted by curator and artist Jumoke Adeyanju, Poetry Meets_ is an international, multilingual community event that presents poets, short films, dancers, musicians and lyrically endowed artists from Berlin and around the world.

Poetry meets_ © Victoria Tomaschko

Jumoke Adeyanju is a dancer, writer, vinyl selector/DJ and curator with a deep-rooted affection for sounds and tonalities, specifically language and percussive instruments. Adeyanju explores spiritual carriers or mediums, opening up understanding and portals to new sonic transmissions outside of the ordinary realms. She is the founder of the  Poetry Meets_ Series, and hosts her own radio show Sauti ya àkókò on Refuge Worldwide.