The collaborative project School of Casablanca draws on the legacy of the Casablanca Art School and its innovative pedagogical methods, modernist aesthetics, and exhibition strategies during the 1960s and highlights a pivotal moment in Moroccan art history following the country’s 1956 independence.

During this period, Casablanca developed a completely fresh self-image and radically broke with tradition. The Casablanca Art School played a seminal role in these developments with its modern approaches, artistic ideas, and pedagogical methods. Partly drawing inspiration from Walter Gropius’s Bauhaus manifesto (1919), it grew into a groundbreaking forum. School of Casablanca revisits and reinterprets the ideas, traditions, and interrogations of the Casablanca Art School in light of contemporary thought. 

The exhibition creates a dialogue between the artworks commissioned by the collaborative partners and the extensively researched archival materials, taking action in the present moment while reflecting on the past.

Here you can read the entire exhibition booklet in digital version.