With Ecologies of Listening the ifa gallery Berlin explores listening as a practice of actively and consciously relating to our environment. Through experimentation, listening exercises and sound walks from the fields of radio art, composition and somatic practice, three listening sessions in different urban locations invite participants to challenge their aural senses and practice active listening. Curated by Annika Niemann and Rosanna Lovell.

What sounds, information and perspectives do we send and receive? And through which channels does nature transmit? The first listening session focusses on listening and broadcasting practices in radio art developed for a site specific workshop in the center of Berlin: through listening exercises, practices and sound walks through the hidden green of the Gartenarbeitsschule (Garden School) Wedding. Those interested in expanding their senses, education professionals and students, are welcome to experiment with new, artistic approaches to environmental education and to consider them in relation to their own professional practice and way of life.

With Rosanna Lovell. Guest: Kate Donovan A cooperation with: ColaBoraDio/ Freies Radio-Berlin Brandenburg


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