Friday, 22 February, 8–9pm Saturday, 23 February 6.30–7.30pm Sunday, 24 February, 2–3pm  

Over the past few years, Anne Juren has been presenting the series Fantasmical Anatomy in which she expands the imagination of the body and its boundaries through a proposed textual language. Incorporating poetic, fantastical, speculative and imaginative dimensions, she places choreography inside the body of the spectator. Each choreographic lesson exposes a different body part, opening up our individual and collective desires through voice, writing, hearing, sensorial embodiment, corporeal practices and dance. By investigating the meaning, significance and materiality of the skin, The Lesson on the Skin, developed for ifa-Galerie Berlin, takes the skin as an entity in itself, a point of departure for thinking and sensing the limits and openings of the body.