A collaboration between ifa Gallery Berlin and Manifesta 2020.

12.09.2020, 14.00- 21.00

Centre de la Vieille Charité, Marseille

A programme of encounters, readings, listenings, performances and interventions on, through and across the questions of restitution and repair through art. It combines the sonic and the poetic, movement and speculation, thought and debate by criss-crossing contemporary geopolitical divisions that need to be unsettled. The invited artists, thinkers, poets, dancers and scholars leave traces throughout Marseille and beyond, online and offline, provoking us to think about knowledge production, movement and (im)possible reparation.

Adapting to the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, this programme consists of one day of encounters at the Vielle Charité on September 12th and continues both off- and online. Over the course of M13, this series of iterations presents records, and gathers traces of events, which will be made accessible in a variety of formats to future audiences on untietotie.org.

With: Matthieu Abonnenc, Nora Al-Badri, Memory Biwa, Barbara Cassin, Badr El Hammami, Bhavisha Panchia, Dorothée Munyaneza, Estelle N’Tsende, Xavier Rey, Assia Zouane, et al.

Conceived and curated by Nikola Hartl, Alya Sebti, and Jonas Tinius


ITERATION # LISTENING: Imagine you are in a museum: What do you hear? By Bhavisha Panchia (Nothing to Commit Records), Soundpiece

Intro by Jonas Tinius

ITERATION # TRACING & RETURNING With Nora Al-Badri and Badr El Hammami, Presentations + Q&A

ITERATION # PROPOSITIONS By and with Xavier Rey (director of the Museums of Marseille), Barbara Cassin (philosopher and curator), Assia Zouane & Estelle N’Tsendé (Les Lunettes Décoloniales), Dorothée Munyaneza (choreographer and artist), Inputs and Talk with Q&A

ITERATION # LISTENING: SunBorn Lullabies and Battle Cries By Memory Biwa (co-produced with Robert ‘Chi’ Machiri), Audiowork

ITERATION # IMAGING [imagine]: Sector IX B, Sleeping Sickness Prophylaxis (FRA 2015) With Mathieu Abonnenc, Screening and discussion

19.00 APERO