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Zoltán Katona
István Nayg
Tibor Palkó
Zoltán Sebestyén

With the installation “Thorax” by Zoltán Katona (1959), lstván Nayg (1951) Tibor Palkó (1959) and Zoltán Sebestyén (1954), the ifa Gallery Friedrichstraße presents four Hungarian artists who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts after studying painting in the mid-1980s and formed a group in 1990. In addition to their own artistic work, they have since worked together in the field of installation art and performance.

The exhibition provides further insight into the art of Hungary and offers an opportunity, after last year’s exhibition of Péter Géme’s photo installations, to get to know artists who have made an important contribution to the development of art in their own country.

In ancient times, “Thorax” referred to the armour worn by warriors to protect their bodies from enemy attacks. We now know this term from medicine. The installation “Thorax”, created especially for the ifa Gallery Friedrichstraße, refers to a familiar motif of “inside and outside”, an inexhaustible thematic field the artists have long worked with in their collaborations. In this new installation, a wall divided into two parts separates the gallery and is bordered by a lace curtain hanging from the ceiling. The duality of limitation and restriction, of protection and preservation is thematized here.

Each installation is accompanied by a performance, the content of which is integrated into the exhibition. Their traces remain throughout the show.

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