The Space Between Us © Victoria Tomaschko

The project The Space Between Us engages with the transcultural and transcontinental trans-African interrelations extending all the way to Germany. It focuses on artistic positions that connect with critical and theoretical discourses and in so doing also render visible the history of the relations and their resonances. The project makes use of various exhibition formats: the display of photographic reproductions on large-scale advertising panels in the public space, the presentation of experimental positions at the ifa Gallery, a reading room, a film program, city excursions, guided tours and Talks. The variety of formats mirror the variety and at the same the specificity of each position and medium, manifesting our mutual relationships and relating to the urban environment, to exhibition space, club and cinema, to spaces for thinking and speaking.

Curated by Marie-Hélène Gutberlet.

Sunday, 17. November 2013, 16.00
Marie-Hélène Gutberlet in conversation with the artists of the exhibition Abrie Fourie, Mansour Ciss Kanakassy and Thabiso Sekgala and the curator in residency Storm Janse van Rensburg.

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