Schalwa Chachanaschwili is the first Georgian artist to be presented by the ifa Gallery Friedrichstraße in Berlin. The very young artist addresses the political and social upheavals of his homeland in mediated ways. He has avoided affiliating himself with a cultural scene, but was always more associated with Georgia’s young counterculture. Since the beginning of his artistic activity, Khachanashvili has been searching for conceptual ways of expressing an existential, social experience. He began to work with semiotics and developed his own construction methods and forms of representation for sign systems in his paintings. At the same time, his painting is not void of social consciousness and criticism committed to the ideal of individual freedom.
Two of his latest works will be on display: the project “Configuration” and the project “The Red Book”. Both works are based on his principles of citation and fixation, the process of tearing objects or appearances out of their natural environments.