Rasem Badran is one of the most important contemporary architects in the Islamic world. As a renewer and reformer of Arab Islamic architecture, he has succeeded on the highest level in creating a synthesis of traditional materials and forms of building and modernism (for example in the style of Louis Kahn). Badran’s architecture is distinguished by his reinterpreting and changing classical ‘Islamic’ building commissions – as for example mosques, of which he has built quite a number – in a modern kind of way without losing sight of their local, climatic and sustainable facets and of age-old building traditions. Rasem Badran’s design is firmly rooted in the context of Islam and the Arab world and culture, and at the same time is in close touch with international contemporary architectural developments.

Selected projects by Rasem Badran from different working periods will be presented during the exhibition through sketches, drafts, models and photos. These exemplary projects show the wide range of his Oeuvre: they document the various working areas and construction tasks like private houses, drafts for housing compounds and urban developmant as well as public buildings like mosques, museums and universities.