blk banaana invites the public to consider the significance and role of plant life in nature and in our livelihoods. This workshop asks: how can the technology of trees and plants assist us in imaginatively visualizing ourselves as nodes in a collective network or organism through space/time.

Making use of symbolic images as data, this workshop would encourage participants to create collages that can make up parts of a rhizomatic structure, and that might represent the self, past selves, future selves and Other selves, and engage with the physical/metaphysical, ancestral, historical and political aspects that exemplify our connections.

© Victoria Tomaschko

Duduetsang Lamola aka blk banaana is a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in collage and moving image. Her artistic practice delves into the intricate connection between fragmentation and speculative reconstruction. This fragmentation can be seen as a reflection of the complex and multifaceted world we inhabit, which is influenced by a multitude of external factors. Her work aims to challenge and question the absurdity inherent in the production of reality, particularly through the influences of Western anthropologic and algorithmic forces.

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