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Siim-Tanel Annus
Anu Juurak
Liina Siib

“Passagen” (Passages) is the title curator Ruth von der Wenge has chosen for the exhibition of contemporary Estonian art showing at ifa Gallery Berlin. She has selected three artists who exemplify the spectrum of innovation present in Estonian art today.

One characteristic of Estonian art is not to reject traditional media and modes of expression, but to build on them to arrive at new artistic ideas. Thus, the title “Passagen” refers to the ever-present intention to strive towards new shores and yet maintain the connection to what came before.

Siim-Tanel Annus (born 1960), who was the first artist to represent his country at the 47th Venice Biennale in 1997 and who made a name for himself with performances, will present paintings at the ifa Gallery in Berlin. Painting continues to dominate his artistic work. His oeuvre already comprises more than 600 paintings. They are silent meditations on time and space.

Anu Juurak (born 1957) deals with space and time in a completely different way in her elaborate video installations. In the installation “The Train”, further developed for the ifa Gallery Berlin, she simulates a journey through summer and winter landscapes.

Liina Siib (b. 1963) has been working primarily with digitally processed photography in recent years. Her large-format works exude a peculiar charm through their delicate, artificial surfaces, which she has already used successfully in printmaking. She explores and analyses at the same time, and wants to make transience visible and tangible.

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