Why “Noah’s New Ark”?
An ordinary man named Noah received instructions from somewhere to save those strange creatures that suddenly appeared one morning in the bathroom of his new apartment. He had been given to understand that these beings from another, already dead world must be taken somewhere else, and by him. Only these beings were to be saved with the help of the ark, he was not allowed to take anything from his own world, it was doomed to be destroyed. The last earthly day had dawned. That sounds pessimistic. However, it seems to me that it depends on the point of view. The black over here is perhaps the basis for the white over there, and I have always striven for the white from over there. Whatever happened in my life, I was always accompanied by the conviction that light is the power and source of my art.

A classic picture (Noah’s breakfast), a small stone with the inscription You, which he found under his pillow that morning, twelve drawings of the ark, a book that describes everything in detail (also full of things not finished), strange sounds of running water and many, many colourful plastic creatures who crawl towards their salvation but not ours. These are the visible dimensions of the installation “Noah’s New Ark”. I hope that behind the visible you can feel the something else…

Nedko Solakov, January 1992