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The ifa Gallery Friedrichstraße presents Milos Sejn, one of the most remarkable and innovative artists in the Czech Republic, whose importance has not been sufficiently appreciated outside his country. The exhibition catalogue documents not only the exhibition, but a body of work that has grown over thirty years and that has been developed by the artist with great consistency and admirable perseverance, regardless of trends and fashions.

The ifa Gallery will exhibit the installation “Found Pigments”, a work that has grown over decades and accompanies the life of the artist. It has never been shown in this extensive format. For over 30 years, he has collected found objects on extensive hikes through the surroundings of his homeland and meticulously recorded his observations of nature. His work is characterised by the constant search for the authentic expression of sensations and philosophical reflections, which are based on fundamental values of both European intellectual history and Asian meditation culture.

The artist’s repetitive actions in the landscape and his performances are also significant in this context; he offers a glimpse of them during the opening. There will be a picture and sound installation in eighteen parts in the entrance area of the exhibition, which will clarify Sejn’s creative process.

Sejn made these drawings directly in nature with homemade charcoal, in a single day. The art historian and critic Jiri Valoch, who has accompanied this art scene for many years, makes it clear in his catalogue contribution that Milos Sejn was and is not a singular phenomenon within Czech art, but that he has also contributed important work to the conceptual art of the Czech Republic.