A cooperation between SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA and ifa Gallery Berlin in the framework of the exhibition The Canticle of the Birds taking place at ifa Gallery Berlin from 13 May to 30 July 2023.

Location: SİNEMA TRANSTOPIA, Lindower Str. 20/22/Haus C, 13347 Berlin

Le Roman Algérien sheds light on the complex relationship of a nation to its history and the role of images in the construction of its national novel and its archetypes. The first chapter is an immersion in Algerian history and human memory through a collection of images in a kiosk in Algiers. The second chapter takes the form of a metacritique in which philosopher Marie-José Mondzain offers us a rereading of the first film. In the third chapter, past and present history collide: Marie-José Mondzain, who was born in Algeria, strives to detect the meaning in the iconography of a national and family novel.

The screening is followed by a talk with artist and director Katia Kameli.