Katia Kameli invites flutists Carolin Daub, Susanne Fröhlich and Marita Gehrer to activate the exhibition’s musical ceramics for a magical concert in conjunction with The Canticle of the Birds.

French Algerian artist, director and producer Katia Kameli, who works mainly with film, experimented with new materials for the objects displayed in the exhibition The Canticle of the Birds. After being inspired by the poem by Farîd-ud-Dîn Attâr, Kameli felt that clay was the most suitable material for her interpretation of the epos.

In collaboration with music ceramist Maria Picard, the artist sculpted 10 of the 30 birds depicted in the poem. Employing a particular working technique, Maria Picard managed to transform the birds into playable flutes and ocarinas, giving each of them a distinctive sound.

We are looking forward to hear the birds sounds for the first time in Berlin with all of you!

© Victoria Tomaschko

Carolin Daub lives as a freelance musician in Stuttgart and works as a recorder player in the field of early and new music. Her work focuses on free improvisation and interdisciplinary art, exploring and using the connections between different art forms.

Susanne Fröhlich is a recorder player and, in addition to early and traditional music, devotes herself primarily to contemporary music, improvisation and new concert formats. Fröhlich regularly gives concerts and workshops in Europe and abroad. As a former founding member of the recorder quartet QNG – Quartet New Generation, she performs both as a soloist and in various formations as well as in several music theatre productions.

Since completing her bachelor’s degree, the Austrian recorder player and pianist Marita Gehrer has been studying with Susanne Fröhlich at the Universität für darstellende Künste, Berlin, and in 2021 founded her first own group, the tone:scape-ensemble, which has already won several awards.