With Nora Al-Badri, Silvy Chakkalakal, Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll, and Jonas Tinius

What does it mean to speak of colonial legacies (in the present), and how is this different from talking about traces, or remnants? In what sense do processes, for instance, of repatriation, decolonization, and institutional critique concern a future-oriented temporal thinking? How do practices of copying and authenticating colonial objects challenge ideas of linear temporalities, and what role does art play in negotiating these entanglements? For this event, Nora Al-Badri (artist, Berlin), Prof Silvy Chakkalakal (anthropologist, HU Berlin), and Prof Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll (artist and art historian, Birmingham/London) are discussing art time and temporality with Dr Jonas Tinius (anthropologist, CARMAH/HU Berlin).

Event held in English