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The Bosnian artist Sanjin Jukić (b. 1957) comes from Sarajevo, where he lived and worked until recently. In his installations, he deals very directly with the warlike events in his country, sometimes in a shocking and sometimes in an ironic way. In doing so he addresses the role of the media, whose way of reporting has a significant influence on people’s views and their ability to judge what is being said . The exhibition at the ifa-Gallery Friedrichstraße will feature a number of the artist’s earlier works, such as “Sarajevo Ghetto Spectacle,” which were previously shown in an exhibition of Bosnian art at the New York Art Gallery and earlier this year in Jukić’s first solo exhibition at the Neue Galerie in Graz.

Jukić created a work titled “The Age of Nihilism” for this exhibition at the ifa Gallery. In this elaborate video installation, he is once more primarily concerned with the question of the influence of the media on our consciousness and with illustrating how much our ethical and moral ideas and our European way of life have been shaped by the cliché images for which the film industry, particularly Hollywood, has set the standard in this century.