Romas Juškelis
Juozas Kazlauskas
Algimantas Kunčius
Aleksandras Macijauskas
Romualdas Pozerskis
Antanas Sutkus

The exhibition “Aspects of Lithuanian Photography” presents a significant subsection of Baltic photographic art in Berlin. It attempts to honour the special significance of Lithuanian photography. In the shadow of “official” documentary and press photography, an independent artistic genre of photography has developed, which – largely untroubled by censorship, since it was not taken seriously as “art” – was able to foster an intensive exhibition life in Lithuania and was also present on various occasions at international photo exhibitions. The photography society founded in 1969 in Vilnius and later also in Kaunas as well as the photography school of Alexsandras Macijauskas not only significantly advanced this development, but also set qualitative and aesthetic standards in the field of artistic documentary.

In this country, the works of Lithuanian photography from the 1970s to the 1990s are still hardly known. It seems problematic to make a comparison with Western photographic artists, as exotic and sensational subjects are difficult to discover in Lithuanian photographs for the local exhibition visitor, who is overstimulated by the flood of everyday images. The significance of Lithuanian photography could lie precisely in contributing to a new sensitization of our perceptions by directing our gaze to the essential content hidden behind the deceptive surface: the dramatic and the absurd, the taboo, the marginalised and the forgotten.