Is it possible to translate experiences? Is that which escapes our grasp rendered impenetrable? And what languages can we employ to communicate with non-human counterparts?

The starting point of this workshop is the exhibition Breath Pieces (Part II) by Camila Sposati, which invites visitors to delve into her complex practice of dissection and the uncovering of layers. It is centred around three generations of musical instruments, made of clay, ceramic and balata rubber. According to Sposati’s philosophy, the objects in the exhibition actively determine the conditions under which they are observed. This shift of perspective lends the exhibits an active role, and as such they become creatures, beings, inhabited by their own breath.

Workshop participants will experiment with different forms of approaching and addressing these beings, using somatic exercises, poetry and performative elements to try and find ways to translate experiences and interactional relationships.

With Timo Berger, Annika Niemann, Marcelo Rezende and Camila Sposati

© Victoria Tomaschko