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The exhibition “Wols – Photography – Watercolours – Prints” is part of an extensive exhibition program at the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, that presents German art from the 20th century in an art historical framework and together with work by important artists abroad. In this context, collections by Käthe Koliwitz, Ernst Barlach, Max Klinger, Max Ernst, Hannah Höch, as well as exhibitions such as “Critical Graphic Art in the Weimar Period”, “The German Woodcut in the 20th Century”, and “Graphic Art of German Expressionism” should be mentioned.

“The suggestion to create a Wols exhibition dates back some time. Initially, it was planned to show only the important photographs from his oeuvre, which gave formative impulses to post-war European art, in conjunction with a sequence of etchings. This collection was rounded off by a number of watercolours, so that the exhibition would exemplify all the phases and developmental steps of his work” (see exhibition catalogue).

The exhibition, which has so far been shown with great success in Great Britain, Oxford, Southampton, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, New Castle, Sheffield and in Dublin, can currently be seen for several weeks “in transit” in Berlin before it continues its international tour in Barcelona, Fondation Miro and Italy.