6 pm Panel discussion

Cultural producers from different disciplines such as visual arts, music, sociology, and arts management discuss their ideas and approaches regarding the issue of the so- called “global” in their respective fields.


LAMIN FOFANA [artist/producer]

IMARA LIMON [curator]

ROLANDO VASQUEZ [sociologist] 

9 pm Book Launch: “I am built inside you”

Party with music by NICO ADOMAKO

Contemporary And (C&), the art magazine focusing on international art from African perspectives, is celebrating the launch of the (online) magazine’s first book to be published by Sternberg Press. Titled “I am built inside you,” the book is a compilation of twenty articles first published on C& during the last four years. The book’s point of departure is a conversation with the great South African artist Helen Sebidi, which was published in September 2016 in C&’s print issue #6 on occasion of the 32rd São Paulo Biennale “I am built inside you” marks the beginning of a proposed series, bringing together a selection of significant texts and interviews that are already now groundbreaking and play a crucial role in shaping the contemporary art canon.