Die Remise – activation by Aïcha Diallo and Annika Niemann, in German

11th Berlin Biennale c/o ExRotaprint

Free admission, limited capacity

In the summer term of 2017, the project Untie to Tie—Colonial Legacies and Contemporary Societies by the ifa Gallery Berlin (Institute for International Cultural Relations) collaborated with the Institute for Art in Context at the Berlin University of the Arts. The seminar was dedicated to a critical rereading of textbooks and children’s books in relation to the politics of representation and language. In response to this textbook workshop, Aïcha Diallo and Annika Niemann are heading a publication project that is being produced in close cooperation with the ifa Gallery Berlin and that has been made possible by the Federal Agency for Civic Education. The publication introduces artistic and educational strategies and global perspectives for the recontextualization, reinterpretation, or transformation of textbook material for educational practices.

Based on the textbooks provided by the Remise, Annika Niemann and Aïcha Diallo invite the audience to reflect on how topics such as the continuity of colonialism and racism and the process of “unlearning” can be reinterpreted and reworked from the perspective of critical diversity through the implementation of artistic and educational strategies.