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Boris Bernaskoni
Alexander Brodsky
Michail Filippov
Alexey Kozyr
Anton Nadtochy
Vera Butko,

Two decades after the perestroika, Russian architecture has freed itself from its initial eclecticism and found its own way: the new “desire for space” also expresses itself in elaborate interior design projects. The reasons for this are quite obvious: besides wealthy building-owners who in their quest for originality in their private space spare no expense when commissioning established architects, it is especially a young generation who attracts public attention with their extravagant new interior designs.
In front of this backdrop, the exhibition “Desire for Space. New Interior Design in Russia” presents five positions of Russian architects: interior designers Anton Nadtochy and Vera Butko’s Atrium studio, as well as Boris Bernaskoni, Alexander Brodsky, Alexey Kozyr and Michail Filippov.
The photographic series “The Warriors of Turan” by the Moscow-based artist Natalia Mali complements the presentation of the architects: she plays with stereotypes of “female” interiors and with the rote of women in society. Her photo series connects with current trends in Russian interior design, which is characterised by the diverse influences of a multi-ethnic society.
As a part of the exhibition project and in collaboration with the curators of the exhibition Philipp Meuser and Bart Goldhoorn, an accompanying catalogue is published by DOM Publishers, which introduces 20 architects with 60 projects in addition to the five positions presented in the exhibition. The book comprises 368 pages and is available at the price of 24,- EUR only during the exhibition.


Thursday, 19 July 2007, 19:00
On Russian Art and Literature: Ilya Repin. Letters from abroad. Lecture series by Dr. Johanna Roos.

Thursday, 2 August 2007, 19:00
On Russian Art and Literature: War and Peace. The novel in paintings and screen adaptations. Lecture series by Dr. Johanna Roos.

Thursday, 9 August 2007, 19:00
Desire for Space. New Interior Design in Russia. ecture by Philipp Meuser.

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