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Week 2


During Week 2, we will explore (un-)readabilities and counter-readings. By experimenting with strategies of reading-between-the-lines, highlighting, erasing, and overwriting, we will be probing the emancipatory treatment of the canon of knowledge mediated through schoolbooks and children’s literature. 

Tue, 8 May 2018, 5-8.30pm

Schoolbook Workshop: Racism-Critical Perspectives on Schoolbooks and Children’s Literature

During summer semester 2017, Untie to Tie together with the Institute for Art in Context at Berlin University of the Arts dedicated a seminar to the critical (re-)reading of schoolbooks and children’s literature. In dialogue with experts, in workshops, and through personal research, the students explored the following questions:
What visual and linguistic politics prevail in schoolbooks and children’s literature? Who speaks about whom and what in which way? How can we become more aware of colonial, racialized, or segregating methods of representation? And how can we counter them? Which possibilities for criticism may be identified? And what strategies of action can be developed?

In an experimental format combining practice and reflection, an invitation is extended by seminar participants and experts to the gallery audience, teachers, pupils, and educators to engage in an exchange of experience.

5-6.45pm: Practice – Artistic Workshop

Participants are invited to bring their own schoolbooks!
If you plan to attend, please contact us by 4 May 2018: kunstvermittlung@ifa.de, 030 2844 9140

7-8.30pm: Reflection