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Week 1 is devoted to active listening/hearing, to sounds and their resonances. The focus is placed on sound as a subtle, non-material form of transferring messages, intervening in public space, and documenting experiences. 

Thur, 3 May 2018, 5-8.30pm

5-6.45pm: Sound Symbols/Drawings – A Sound Workshop

On the basis of playful (listening) hearing and drawing exercises, the act of drawing is experienced as an expanded realm of hearing. Taken as a point of departure are the Sonic Panoramas composed by Saout Radio (Younes Baba-Ali, Anna Raimondo) for Untie to Tie: the programme investigates the universe of sound art, presents different approaches and aesthetic experiences, and also opens up an auditory space of reflection. 
In the workshop we will engage in resonance with the sounds and voices in the listening station and respond to that which is heard with different drawing utensils.

With Rebekka Uhlig (visual artist and voice performer)
If you plan to attend, please contact us by 30 April 2018: kunstvermittlung@ifa.de,  030 2844 9140

Starting at 7pm: Between Fascination and Scepticism: Technologies in the Field of (Music) Education

Following the workshop with Rebekka Uhlig, we will explore digital and non-digital “MusicmakingThings” – instruments, software, and apparatuses – and query the challenges presented to educators by digital musical technologies. For the round of talks, protagonists from the fields of musicology, software development, and mediation practice will be in attendance.

Moderation: Carsten Cremer (ethnologist and media scholar, cultural agent)