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Sat, 28 April 2018, 2-5pm 

Taking Sides: Open Zine Workshop on Solidarity in Resistance 

Zines are small, non-commercial, and self-published magazines or booklets that require little more than an idea, paper, pens, and a copier. Generations of movements devoted to youth culture, artistic activity, and social issues have used zines as a space for self-determination and empowerment. The autonomously published material focuses on topics like feminism, body politics, punk, or racism. 
Based on a view of the history of anticolonial resistance, pupils from the school OSZ Bekleidung und Mode focused on present-day struggles against racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination during a two-day workshop. The main questions were: What does solidarity mean? What effect does it have on everyday, organised struggles? How can I express solidarity and what kind of solidarity do I wish to receive from and experience with others? The personal questions and positions were translated into individual and collective zines.
For the Gallery Weekend on 28 April 2018, the pupils will share their practical knowledge in an open workshop: visitors to the ifa Gallery Berlin are invited to develop their own zines conveying ideas and practices that express solidarity and resistance. 

Pupils from the school OSZ Bekleidung und Mode with Marlon van Rooyen and Jorinde Splettstößer (artists / art educators) in the scope of the education project “media resistance – Strategies of Resistance” (2017–18).

The event is supported by Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung und Kulturagenten für kreative Schulen Berlin