Photo: Guy Woueté, from the series “Love Jungle”, made in Calais’ Jungle in October 2016; © Guy Woueté

ifa-Galerie Berlin

For Guy Woueté the main motivation to develop the book project Dominer l’Anonymat – Taming Anonymity was and still is to reach that dissenting and dreamlike force that keeps humans alive. In his view there is still a lot to be told about what happened in the “Calais Jungle” in October 2016 and now in Libya where black people are being sold as slaves.

To Guy a book is a tangible space for a living memory and the possibility politically and provocatively introduce plurality in the way history is written. This artist’s book reveals the complexity of migration and opens doors for other relation between us and the transitionary spaces that we call borders. It is also referring to his personal experience as a migrant, an expatriate. 

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Guy Woueté (b. 1980 in Douala) divides his time between Antwerp and Douala. He holds a Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts from Erg (École Supérieure des Arts) in Brussels, and from the University of Paris 8. He has completed a two-year post-academic research at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. Guy Woueté’s oeuvre always encompasses elements of social criticism and the questions of migration and the symbols of domination in the age of globalization.

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