With the exhibition “Christine Hill – Volksboutique Official Template”, ifa Gallery Berlin presents a project from the exhibition “Kunstraum Deutschland” of the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V.

Christine Hill, who comes from New York and has lived in Berlin since 19991, has been working on the project Volksboutique since the early 1990s, with which she first drew international attention to her work at documenta X in Kassel in 1997. The work “Official Template”, now presented at ifa Gallery Berlin, is part of this Volksboutique project, which is constantly being developed further by Christine Hill and which unites various facets of dialogue with the public, interaction, and the artist as service provider. Visitors become participants in the artistic work: they are asked to photograph themselves with a Polaroid camera, to fill out questionnaires and to give information about themselves.