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Theodor Graur
Don Mihaltianu
Amalia Perjovschi
Judit Angel
Markus Orsini-Rosenberg
Boris Ondreicka
Vladmimir Kokolia
Michal Nesazal
Koren Kipphof
Franz John

The exhibition “Balt-Orient-Express”, shown by the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen in the ifa Gallery Friedrichstraße, goes back to a project of the Romanian artist Dan Mihaltianu. He had the idea to invite artists from all the countries that the train of the same name passes through in order to travel and work together with them.

The realisation of the project began with a meeting in Bucharest on September 9, 1995 and another meeting at the ifa Berlin’s exhibitions department on September 29, 1995. 13 artists from 6 countries in Central and Eastern Europe would participate: Theodor Graur, Don Mihaltianu, Amalia Perjovschi from Bucharest; Judit Angel from Arad; eNHANCEMENT & mORE rANCH from Budapest; Markus Orsini-Rosenberg from Vienna; Boris Ondreicka from Bratislava; Vladmimir Kokolia from Brno; Michal Nesazal from Prague; Koren Kipphof and Franz John from Berlin.

When inviting the artists to participate in this project, Dan Mihaltianu was not interested in involving friends and acquaintances. On the contrary, most of the participants did not know each other beforehand. They travelled together, they lived in each other’s studios or apartments. They visited each other spontaneously or they planned ahead, met other artists along the way and included them.

For the artists, the tour was full of diverse stimuli and experiences that could be gathered during the encounters with new people, areas and mentalities. Each artist processed them according to their own intentions. This resulted in an interesting and rich spectrum of artistic reflections, which are shown in the works in the exhibition. The exhibition will subsequently also be shown in Bucharest and Vienna.