With the transdisciplinary project Untie to Tie, ifa Gallery Berlin invites visitors to take part in a discourse on colonial legacies, movement, migration and environment. ifa Gallery Berlin acts as a space of encounter; as a platform for subjective narratives that query the status quo and the construction of a normative universality.

The first phase, On Colonial Legacies and Contemporary Societies (2017–18), reflected on the impacts of colonial structures that have formed modern societies and continue to globally influence our realities and our everyday life today.

Following this, the second phase Movement.Bewegung (2018–19) perceives diversity and plurality as essential features that make it possible to grasp the present as an ever-changing reality. The programme encourages thinking beyond colonial borders, be they mental or territorial. Movement and migration are understood as natural, permanent phenomena, as emancipatory processes that facilitate interactions between people.

The new phase Environment looks on the consequences colonisation and globalisation have had for the environment and encounters local forms of resistance. They address the destruction of ecosystems, land grabbing and with it that of cultural identities. At the same time these movements are striving to preserve concepts of nature and living and ensure their survival into the future.

Concept: Alya Sebti