An art education offer of the ifa-Galerie Berlin as part of the upcoming exhibition “The Listening and the Winds – Narratives and Inscriptions of the Gran Chaco”

With Ecologies of Listening the ifa gallery Berlin explores listening as a practice of actively and consciously relating to our environment. Through experimentation, listening exercises and sound walks from the fields of radio art, composition and somatic practice, three listening sessions in different urban locations invite participants to challenge their aural senses and practice active listening. Curated by Annika Niemann and Rosanna Lovell. 

Ecology looks at how an organism relates with, affects and is affected by its environment. An ecology of listening would be how through listening consciously we can affect and be affected by our environment or that which we listen to. What kinds of ecologies of listening are there and how can we connect through them? The third listening session focuses on listening as a physical practice – for both the body and the senses, and examines through somatic exercises how this influences how and what we hear. In resonance with the radio collective “Radio Comunitaria La Voz Indigena“ (Tartagal, Argentina) we explore how far an embodied practice of listening could enhance the ways in which we connect – to ourselves, to the environment and to other forms of life and nature.

With Rosanna Lovell.
Guest: Ela Spalding,

In Cooperation with: ColaBoraDio/ Freies Radio-Berlin Brandenburg

Meeting point:
ifa-Galerie Berlin, Linienstraße 139/140, 10115 Berlin

Registration requested:
Contact: Stefano Ferlito 030 28449110, Ev Fischer 030 28449157

Ecologies of Listening #3: Embodied Listening

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