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Radical Discounts
Artist Talk with Jace Clayton

12.7.2018, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

Artist Talk

What if the radical potential (if any) of music exists not in its performance and consumption, but in how it is or isn’t archived? Jace Clayton (New York), artist and writer, also known as DJ/rupture, will explore this notion using examples that range from Julius Eastman and Lee Lozano’s conceptual hostilities to black radicality under the banner of brand sponsorships.


BE.BOP@ifa-Galerie Berlin

9.6.2018, 4.30pm

ifa Gallery Berlin


Session V: From “Zwarte Piet is Racisme” to “I am Queen Mary”: Staging Europe's ‘Innocence’ in the Public Sphere

With Quinsy Gario, Jeannette Ehlers, Mette Moestrup, Lesley-Ann Brown, Joiri Minaya
Moderation: Alanna Lockward


BE.BOP @ ifa-Galerie Berlin

9.6.2018, 2pm

ifa Gallery Berlin


Guniwaya-ngigu (We Fight), 1982, 60 min.
Von Madeline McGrady & Tracey Moffatt
Moderation von Sumugan


BE.BOP@ifa-Galerie Berlin

9.6.2018, 3.30pm

ifa Gallery Berlin


Stitches of Power / Stitches of Sorrow
Performance with Patricia Kaersenhout


BE.BOP@ifa-Galerie Berlin

4.6.2018, 2–6pm

ifa Gallery Berlin


A workshop by and with Walter Mignolo for BE.BOP 2018. BLACK EUROPE BODY POLITICS. COALITIONS FACING WHITE INNOCENCE in collaboration with ifa Gallery Berlin.  

With Geraldine Juárez (artist), Alanna Lockward (curator BE.BOP), Walter Mignolo (advisor BE.BOP), Bhavisha Panchia (curator/researcher) and Alya Sebti (head of ifa Gallery Berlin)


Cumbia Crossfades

1.6.2018, 11pm



A US-Mexico-Germany cumbia mix of undocumented sounds that explore movement and migration across borders.

With DJs Julio César Morales, Josh Kun and Ali Hasan aka Nar



1.6.2018, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin


Opening of Movement.Bewegung, the new exhibition and research programme of the ifa Gallery Berlin and its first exhibition For the Record.

With Vivian Caccuri, Jace Clayton, Geraldine Juárez, Christine Sun Kim and Julio César Morales with Discos Unicornio

Curated by Bhavisha Panchia

Gallery Reflections 

Anthropology, Vulnerability, and Curatorial Practice

Gallery Reflection #5

16.5.2018, 7pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

For this encounter, Alya Sebti and Jonas Tinius speak about the institutionalisation and destabilisation of curatorial and anthropological practices. 

A Conversation between Alya Sebti (director, ifa Gallery Berlin) and Jonas Tinius (anthropologist, HU Berlin).

Art Education 



16.5.2018 — 17.5.2018

ifa Gallery Berlin

The last week of INTERLOOP revolves around transition – from body to space, from the art institution into the city, from the theme year On Colonial Legacies and Contemporary Societies to the new focus Movement.Bewegung. 

Gallery Reflection #5
Anthropology, Vulnerability, and Curatorial Practice

1h 21'06"

A Conversation between Alya Sebti (director, ifa Gallery Berlin) and Jonas Tinius (anthropologist, HU Berlin).

16.5.2018, ifa Gallery Berlin

Art Education 



8.5.2018, 5-8.30pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

During Week 2, we will explore (un-)readabilities and counter-readings. By experimenting with strategies of reading-between-the-lines, highlighting, erasing, and overwriting, we will be probing the emancipatory treatment of the canon of knowledge mediated through schoolbooks and children’s literature. 

Art Education 



3.5.2018, 5-8.30pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

On the basis of playful (listening) hearing and drawing exercises, the act of drawing is experienced as an expanded realm of hearing. Taken as a point of departure are the Sonic Panoramas composed by Saout Radio (Younes Baba-Ali, Anna Raimondo) for Untie to Tie: the programme investigates the universe of sound art, presents different approaches and aesthetic experiences, and also opens up an auditory space of reflection. 
In the workshop we will engage in resonance with the sounds and voices in the listening station and respond to that which is heard with different drawing utensils.

Art Education 

Taking Sides: Open Zine Workshop on Solidarity in Resistance


28.4.2018, 2-5pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

Zines are small, non-commercial, and self-published magazines or booklets that require little more than an idea, paper, pens, and a copier. Generations of movements devoted to youth culture, artistic activity, and social issues have used zines as a space for self-determination and empowerment. The autonomously published material focuses on topics like feminism, body politics, punk, or racism. 

Art Education 



27.4.2018, 6 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

Knowledge Transfer: Practices, Reflections, Perspectives

With INTERLOOP, the ifa Gallery Berlin is reflecting back on the research and exhibition programme Untie to Tie – On Colonial Legacies and Contemporary Societies. An essential facet of this project was the comprehensive event and education programme that accompanied the four exhibitions. INTERLOOP offers insight into the processes “behind the scenes”, sharing experiences and knowledge while also giving rise to new constellations.

Art Education 

Stresspad XXL – Collective Sound Performance


27.4.2018, 6 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

For the opening of INTERLOOP, visitors to the ifa Gallery Berlin are invited to interact with the Stresspad, to work together in controlling and manipulating it, with the aim of acoustically intervening in the institutional space. It can get loud.

Gallery Reflections 

Protesting Identities

Gallery Reflection #4

15.3.2018, 7 pm


For the Gallery Reflection #4, we will be talking about “protesting identities” as “identities that protest” and “challenging (or protesting) identities”.

A conversation with Candice Breitz (artist, Berlin), Natasha Ginwala (curator, researcher, author, Berlin), Azadeh Sharifi (theatre scholar, LMU Munich), and Jonas Tinius (anthropologist, HU Berlin)

Center of Unfinished Business 

Dominer l’Anonymat – Taming Anonymity

C&'s Center of Unfinished Business presents:

15.2.2018, 7 pm


Presentation of the Artist’s Book and Talk with Guy Woueté

C&’s Center of Unfinished Business:
Guy Woueté, Dominer l’Anonymat – Taming Anonymity

Presentation, Talk
1h 05'11"

15.2.2018, ifa Gallery Berlin

Riots: Dissent and Spectres, Control and Ruptures

Artist Talk

"No One Leaves Delilah-A (W)rap on Riots"
Artist Talk with Vaginal Davis and Natasha Ginwala.

27.1.2018, Acud macht neu Berlin 

Riots: Dissent and Spectres, Control and Ruptures


„Riots: On Surplus Population/Housing/Monuments“
Lecture by Gal Kirn and Niloufar Tajeri

27.1.2018, ifa Gallery Berlin

Dariouche Kechavarzi-Tehrani „12 Years After the 2005 Revolts in French Banlieues: Decolonial Reflections on the Concept of ‚Riots‘“


Thomas Seibert „Revolts, Resentment, Resignation. Negative Dialectics and Post-Marxist Socialism“


Gal Kirn and Niloufar Tajeri „Riots: On Surplus Population/Housing/Monuments“


Nadine El-Enany „The Colonial Logic of Grenfell“


Riots: Dissent and Spectres, Control and Ruptures

1h 4'59"

„Revolts, Resentment, Resignation. Negative Dialectics and Post-Marxist Socialism“
Lecture by Thomas Seibert

27.1.2018, ifa Gallery Berlin

Riots: Dissent and Spectres, Control and Ruptures


„12 Years After the 2005 Revolts in French Banlieues: Decolonial Reflections on the Concept of ‚Riots‘“ 
Lecture by Dariouche Kechavarzi-Tehrani 

27.1.2018, ifa Gallery Berlin

Riots: Dissent and Spectres, Control and Ruptures


„The Colonial Logic of Grenfell“
Lecture by Nadine El-Enany

27.1.2018, ifa Gallery Berlin

Riots: Dissent and Spectres, Control and Ruptures

1h 06'21"

By and with Zena Edwards

26.1.2018, Acud macht neu Berlin

Riots: Dissent and Spectres, Control and Ruptures

Artist Talk

"Against Forgetting: Re-enactments and Dis/Assembling of the Multitude"
Artist Talk with Chandraguptha Thenuwara, Ala Younis and Natasha Ginwala

26.1.2018, Acud macht neu

Riots: Dissent and Spectres, Control and Ruptures


"Demos Noir: Coveting Crowds and Fearing Riots"
Lecture by Dilip Gaonkar

26.1.2018, ifa Gallery Berlin

Dilip Gaonkar „Demos Noir: Coveting Crowds and Fearing Riots“



Riots: Dissent and Spectres, Control and Ruptures

26.1.2018, 26.1., 6–10 pm & 27.1., 3–9 pm — 27.1.2018


Lectures, Artist Talks, Screenings and Performance (EN)

With Zena Edwards, Nadine El-Enany, Vaginal Davis, Dilip Gaonkar, Natasha Ginwala, Gal Kirn, Dariouche Kechavarzi-Tehrani, Thomas Seibert, Benedict Seymour, Niloufar Tajeri, Chandraguptha Thenuwara and Ala Younis

Benedict Seymour: „Dead the Ends: Reading the Text of the 2011 Riots“

Screening and Talk

Riots: Dissent and Spectres, Control and Ruptures


Introduction by Natasha Ginwala, Gal Kirn, Niloufar Tajeri.

26.1.2018, ifa Gallery Berlin

Introduction by Natasha Ginwala, Gal Kirn, Niloufar Tajeri


Riots: Dissent and Spectres, Control and Ruptures


"Dead the Ends: Reading the Text of the 2011 Riots"
Talk by Benedict Seymour

26.1.2018, ifa Gallery Berlin

An Afternoon with the Masks:
Perfomance, Masking and 'the limits of empathy and identification’


With Kathy-Ann Tan and Wura-Natasha Ogunji 

13.1.2018, ifa Gallery Berlin

An Afternoon with the Masks:
Acting Decolonially – From Adrian To Zora – Black Women Performing


With Eva Barois De Caevel

An art history journey through works by Black African, American, and European women artists from the 20th and 21st centuries whose "performances" (in a broad sense) disrupted colonial thought.

13.1.2018, ifa Gallery Berlin 


An Afternoon with the Masks

13.1.2018, from 2 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

Performance, Discussion, Lecture, Conversation

2 pm Performance: Wura-Natasha Ogunji, The Kissing Mask
2:30 pm Discussion with the performers
3 pm Lecture by Eva Barois De Caevel: "Acting Decolonially – From Adrian To Zora – Black Women Performing" (EN)
3:30 pm Coffee break
4 pm Kathy-Ann Tan and Wura-Natasha Ogunji in conversation: Perfomance, Masking and the limits of empathy and identification’  (EN) 


Speaking Feminisms — Exercise with Tracey Rose

11.1.2018, 7 pm

SAVVY Contemporary

For this series of preliminary exercises, our point of departure is the acknowledgement of a deep, and we hope productive, disagreement on the meaning of and the contemporary valence of this term. Perhaps this is already what feminism is about, a form of collective non-alignment. 

Through a series of performative events, talks and workshops, SPEAKING FEMINISMS enacts the multiple histories, struggles, and voices that define ‘feminism’ as both a practice and a concept.

In cooperation with SAVVY Contemporary

Center of Unfinished Business 

gal-dem: Creating Spaces for Women of Colour Online

C&'s Center of Unfinished Business

14.12.2017, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

Talk and Presentation

gal-dem is a creative platform online and offline which enables women of colour to talk about an array of issues. 

C&s Center of Unfinished Business
gal-dem: Creating Spaces for Women of Colour Online

Talk, Presentation
1h 16'22"

In this talk and presentation gal-dem's Editor in Chief Liv Little and Lifestyle Editor Niellah Arboine will discuss with Contemporary And's Deputy Editor Will Furtado and author Candice Nembhard the importance and pitfalls of creating spaces exclusively for women of colour.

14.12.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin

Driss Ksikes: Fatema Mernissi, a glocal feminist


Talk of the Moroccan playwright, novelist and essayist Driss Ksikes on the Moroccan sociologist and writer Fatema Mernissi (1940-2015).

7.12.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin


Women on Aeroplanes // 1 // FILTER

30.11.2017 — 3.12.2017

ifa Gallery Berlin

Lectures, Film Screenings

Women on Aeroplanes is a research-based project, which aims to get an idea of a more comprehensive notion of independence and allows to see and understand a women-informed view on a shattered presence of complicated dependencies.

Gallery Reflection #3
Art and (New) Intersectional Feminisms

1h 09'55"

With Federica Bueti (writer and editor, SAVVY Contemporary), Alanna Lockward (author, filmmaker, BE.BOP curator), Kathy-Ann Tan (academic, American Studies, Berlin), and Jonas Tinius (anthropologist, CARMAH/HU Berlin).

16.11.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin

Gallery Reflections 

Art and (New) Intersectional Feminisms

Gallery Reflection #3

16.11.2017, 7.30 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin


A Conversation with Alanna Lockward (author, filmmaker, BE.BOP curator), Federica Bueti (writer and editor, SAVVY Contemporary), Kathy-Ann Tan (academic, Berlin), and Jonas Tinius (anthropologist, CARMAH/HU Berlin)

C&’s Center of Unfinished Business
Show me your shelves


The unconventional book exchange between documenta 14’s aneducation and C&’s Center of Unfinished Business.
A conversation with Sepake Angiama and Clare Butcher.

26.10.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin

Center of Unfinished Business 

Show me your shelves!

C&'s Center of Unfinished Business

26.10.2017, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin


The unconventional book exchange with documenta 14's aneducation.

With Sepake Angiama & Clare Butcher, aneducation, documenta 14 (EN)

Decolonial Aesthetics in “The Kissing Mask”

Some Reflections on Performance, Affect and Perception

Kathy-Ann Tan



By Wura-Natasha Ogunji

30.9.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin 


Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Sweep

30.9.2017, 3 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin



Performance and Artist's and Curator's Talk

29.9.2017, 6 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

6 pm Performance: Wura-Natasha Ogunji, If I loved you
7 pm Artist's and Curator's Talk with Wura-Natasha Ogunji and Eva Barois De Caevel (EN)

Every Mask I Ever Loved

​​Artist & Curator Talk

With Wura-Natasha Ogunji and Eva Barois De Caevel

29.9.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin


Eva Barois De Caevel

If I loved you


With Wura-Natasha Ogunji

28.9.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin



28.9.2017, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

Opening of the Exhibition

7 pm Opening of the exhibition Every Mask I Ever Loved
with Wura-Natasha Ogunji
8 pm Performance: Wura-Natasha Ogunji, The Kissing Mask

Watch your step / Mind your head

Artist and Curator Talk

with artists Irene de Andrés and Sofía Gallisá Muriente and curator Marina Reyes Franco.

23.9.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin



15.9.2017, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

Translinguistic Street Performance

“SALVE EXU MOTOBOY!” is a translinguistic process by the artist Cássio Bomfim. It proposes the construction of a fictional cosmology by exploring the nuances and similarities between the codes, rituals and archetypes of the Brazilian religion Umbanda – with a focus on spirits from the street, cemeteries and road crosses, to the figure and universe of motoboys, central agents for transportation and communication dynamics in contemporary Brazil. “SALVE EXU MOTOBOY!” contains a series of photographs, videos, live storytelling and other expressions, will bring a carnival-like parade to the streets of Berlin-Mitte.

Cássio Bomfim


15.9.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin

Gallery Reflection #2
Traces, Legacies, and Futures: A Conversation on Art and Temporality

1h 21'26"

With Nora Al-Badri (artist, Berlin), Silvy Chakkalakal (anthropologist, HU Berlin), Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll (artist and art historian, Birmingham/London), and Jonas Tinius (anthropologist, CARMAH/HU Berlin).

7.9.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin

Gallery Reflections 

Traces, Legacies, and Futures: A Conversation on Art and Temporality

Gallery Reflection #2

7.9.2017, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin


What does it mean to speak of colonial legacies (in the present), and how is this different from talking about traces, or remnants? 

A conversation between Nora Al-Badri (artist, Berlin), Prof. Silvy Chakkalakal (anthropologist, HU Berlin), Prof. Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll (artist and art historian, Birmingham/London), and Dr. Jonas Tinius (anthropologist, CARMAH/HU Berlin).

‘Sparring Partners’

An Introduction to the Gallery Reflections Series

Jonas Tinius

C& Center of Unfinished Business
Aperture: “Platform Africa”

Magazine Launch, Discussion
1h 52'13"

With Akinbode Akinbiyi, Elsa M’bala aka AMET, Emeka Okereke (Invisible Borders),  Aïcha Diallo (C&) and Brendan Wattenberg (Aperture)

20.7.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin


Magazine Launch: Aperture “Platform Africa”

20.7.2017, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

Magazine Launch

This summer, Aperture magazine is presenting its 227th issue titled “Platform Africa”. “Platform Africa” takes an in-depth look at the dynamic spaces that have shaped conversations about photography in Africa for the last twenty-five years—the biennials, experimental art spaces, and educational workshops in which artists and audiences interact with photography.

With Contemporary And (C&)

African urban, african culture, african future -
Hip Hop in Dakar

Presentation, Conversation
1h 17'06"

With Keyti, Journal Rappé, Eric van Grassdorff

7.7.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin 


African urban, african culture, african future - Hip Hop in Dakar

7.7.2017, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

Performances, Talks and Screenings

Carte blanche to Alex Moussa Sawadogo

On the second day of this 2-day programme, Keyti points to the entanglements of Hip Hop and politics in Dakar and gives insight into his work as artist and activist for die Youth Urban Media Academy (YUMA). In his innovative format of the Journal Rappé, a „rapped" news programme that he has produced together with Xuman since 2013, Keyti addresses the urban space and ways to engage politically for the Senegalese youth.


African urban, african culture, african future - Sapeurs

6.7.2017, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

Performances, Talks and Screening

Carte blanche to Alex Moussa Sawadogo

The 2-day programme, curated by Alex Moussa Sawadogo, the artistic director of the film festival Afrikamera – Current cinema from Africa, is addressing political resistance in urban space on the African continent. African Urban, african culture, african future is a platform for reflections on the processes of the development of its connections to photography, film, fashion and music. 

On the first evening of the 2-day programme we invite you to a historical and geographical journey of the political figure of the Sapeur from the beginning of the 1990s until today. 

African urban, african culture, african future - Sapeurs

Presentation, Conversation
1h 29'22"

A historical and geographical journey of the political figure of the Sapeur from the beginning of the 1990s until today. 

With Badouin Muanda, Keyti and Eric van Grassdorff

6.7.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin 

Fraternité – Universality after Universalism

2h 1' 32''

With Markus Messling (Centre Marc Bloch) and Jenny Friedrich-Freksa (Kulturaustausch. Zeitschrift für internationale Perspektiven) (Shumona Sinha who was invited for a reading and conversation unfortunately could not attend the event).

29.6.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin


Fraternité – Universality after Universalism

29.6.2017, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

Conversation and Reading (DE/FR)

With Markus Messling (Centre Marc Bloch), Shumona Sinha, Jenny Friedrich-Freksa (Kulturaustausch. Zeitschrift für internationale Perspektiven)


Watch your step / Mind your head

23.6.2017, 4 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

Artist and Curator Talk

With Marina Reyes Franco, Irene de Andrés and Sofía Gallisá Muriente

Watch your step / Mind your head

Artist and Curator Talk

with Irene de Andrés and Sofía Gallisá Muriente

23.6.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin



22.6.2017, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

Opening of the Exhibition

With Irene de Andrés and Sofía Gallisá Muriente
Curated by Marina Reyes Franco


Liberté: The language of Villa Sésini

Égalité – Liberté – Fraternité #2

29.5.2017, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin


Lecture and discussion with Markus Messling (Centre Marc Bloch), Kossi Efoui (with reading) and Jenny Friedrich-Freksa (Kulturaustausch. Zeitschrift für internationale Perspektiven). 

With lectures, discussions and readings, the series "Égalité – Liberté – Fraternité" takes the great ideals of French universalism as the starting point of a "politics of literature" (Jacques Rancière) of the present.

Liberté: The language of Villa Sésini

Lectures, Discussions, Readings
1h 50'55"

29.5.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin


Beyond the European echo chamber: in dialogue with the Global South. Cultural Diversity: social strength or existential threat?

21.5.2017, 10:30 am

ifa Gallery Berlin

Panel Discussion

A large amount of the world’s major conflicts have a cultural dimension. So do rising populism, anti-immigrant attitudes and fears about the loss of national identity, prevalent in Germany and greater Europe. This event addresses the themes of cultural differences, their relationship to other dimensions of political and social life, their consequences for human co-existence and strategies in dealing with these.

With Anupama Sekhar, Abdullah Alkafri, Ayeta Wangusa, Keith Nurse and Ayoko Mensah


Égalité: Melancholy of white men over 40

Égalité – Liberté – Fraternité #1

16.5.2017, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin


Lecture and discussion with Markus Messling (Centre Marc Bloch), Olivier Remaud (EHESS Paris) and Jenny Friedrich-Freksa (Kulturaustausch. Zeitschrift für internationale Perspektiven).

With lectures, discussions and readings, the series "Égalité – Liberté – Fraternité" takes the great ideals of French universalism as the starting point of a "politics of literature" (Jacques Rancière) of the present.

Égalité: Melancholy of white men over 40

Lectures, Discussions, Readings
1h 53'35"

16.5.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin


Gallery Reflection #1
Urban Decolonisation and Diasporic Formations


A conversation between Dr. Noa Ha (Center for Metropolitan Studies, TU Berlin), Trang Tran Thu (Berlin Asian Film Network/Anthropologist), Hyunsin Kim (Choreographer and Performer), and Dr. Jonas Tinius (Anthropologist, CARMAH/HU Berlin).

4.5.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin

Gallery Reflections 

Urban Decolonisation and Diasporic Formations

Gallery Reflection #1

4.5.2017, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin


A conversation between Dr. Noa Ha (Center for Metropolitan Studies, TU Berlin; research fields: postcolonial urbanism, Asian diasporas in European cities; Board member of "Migrationsrat Berlin-Brandenburg"), Trang Tran Thu (Berlin Asian Film Network/Anthropologist working on Vietnamese diaspora in Berlin), Hyunsin Kim (Choreographer and Performer), and Dr. Jonas Tinius (Anthropologist, CARMAH/HU Berlin).

Center of Unfinished Business 

Status Quo Vadis

C&'s Center of Unfinished Business

27.4.2017, 6 pm, Party 9 pm


Conversations, Book Launch, Party

with Contemporary And, Rolando Vázquez, i.a.

C&’s Center of Unfinished Business:
Status Quo Vadis?​ On cultural practices beyond "the global arts quota"

Panel Discussion and Book Launch
1h 59'10"

With Lamin Fofana, Imara Limon, Rolando Vasquez, Bahareh Sharafi and Julia Grosse 

27.4.2017, Acud macht neu

Kolmanskop Dream – Exhibition Opening


30.3.2017, ifa Gallery Berlin



30.3.2017, 7 pm

ifa Gallery Berlin

Exhibition Opening

The grand opening of Untie To Tie at ifa Gallery Berlin with our first exhibition Kolmanskop Dream, featuring Pascale Marthine Tayou, Contemporary And and Saout Radio. Join us there and have a look at our new exhibition, reading room and hearing station.

Pascale Marthine Tayou
Kolmanskop Dream


Chaos world?

Édouard Glissant and the question of universality

Markus Messling


Édouard Glissant und die Frage der Universalität

Markus Messling

Radio Alice: Sgombero

Radio Alice was an Italian free radio broadcasting from Bologna at the end of the 1970s. It started transmitting on 9 February 1976 using an ex-military transmitter on a frequency of 100.6 MHz. The station was closed by the carabinieri on 12 March 1977.  Radio Alice's output covered a myriad of subjects: labor protests, poetry, yoga lessons, political analysis, love declarations, cooking recipes, Jefferson Airplane, Area or Beethoven music. Participants in the station included Franco "Bifo" Berardi, Maurizio Torrealta, Filippo Scòzzari and Paolo Ricci.

Agwu Enekwachi: The Politics of Belonging

Two artists with transnational biographies explore the mixed nuances of nationalism in Nigeria and beyond. Our author Agwu Enekwachi delves into their work to find out how flags and anthems inspire nationalism in an increasingly interconnected world.

Jojo Abot

Jojo Abot - To Li

Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding - Black Gold

Songhoy Blues

Songhoy Blues: Al Hassidi terei

Karen Power: Fried rice, curried chips and a diet coke

RTÉ , 10’32’’, 2008

In recent times, I have become very interested in using the sound of words and syllables as musical material. I wish to draw on Trevor Wishart's view in support of my approach to words and language in the context of this piece. 'I am going to propose that words never 'mean' anything at all. Only the people 'mean' and words merely contribute toward signifying peoples' meanings.

Youssef Ouchra: Expiration récurrente

2’33’’, 2013

Breath out, breath out again... Breath out in search of a limit. Fill in the creases.

A bag full of breath. Whisper in the veins. Breath the vacuum in and breath out, and breath out again. A regular exhalation.

Maria Balabas: Limitele Limbii Mele

28’41’’, 2015

Ludwig Wittgenstein's text is the starting point for this artistic approach. I wished to research empirical the semantics which this phrase can receive through the simple translation from one language to another. For this, I used the social media and the foreign languages departments of the Romanian Broadcasting Corporation. O used every recording people sent me and the result is this collage in which Wittgenstein means not only translation, but different intonations, multiple recording mediums, an invisible international community connected through the very simple response to the question "How would you translate in your language the limits of my language mean etc etc..."

In conversation with Mame-Diarra Niang:
“These landscapes are extremely contemporary.”

C& talks to Dakar-born artist Mame-Diarre Niang, who observes the changing face of Dakar through her photography. She investigates the separation of people and the breaking away of Oukam-neighborhood of Dakar due to the consumerist orientation of society.

Images and Justice.
How Do Black Lives Matter in MoMA’s Collection?

In this essay, Thomas J. Lax examines the links between racial violence and its visual documentation and relevance.

Cathy Lane: "Hidden Lives"

1999, 11'09''

"Hidden Lives" (1999) explores ideas of the house as a repository of memories, and of women as the curators of hidden histories. The themes of the domestic, family and the lives and histories of women which I first investigated in Hidden Lives have surfaced repeatedly in my work as have some of the compositional strategies used in the piece, such as composing with the voices of friends and family; the sounding of written text and the use of recorded spoken word as primary material.
"Hidden Lives" was commissioned by the Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique and realised in their studio in Bourges, France.

Cathy Lane is a composer, sound artist and academic based in London (UK). Her work uses spoken word, field recordings and archive material to explore aspects of our listening relationship with each other and the multiverse. She is currently focused on how sound relates to the past, our histories, environment and our collective and individual memories from a feminist perspective. She is a Professor of Sound Arts and Director of CRiSAP (Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice), University of the Arts London.

Tschabalala Self: Body Agency
Painting the Whole Picture of the Black Female Experience

Tschabalala Self belongs to a new generation of painters depicting a three-dimensional representation of the Black female experience. Our author Sabrina Greig looks into how the Harlem-born artist gives her Black female characters physical and mental agency.

Randa Maroufi: "Close-Up"


How a famous painting of western art history from the 19th century is interpreted by Moroccan people of my surrounding today?
"Close-up" is a participative work which invites various people of my network (friends, family, artists,…) to describe or to comment via whatsapp Gustave Courbet’s painting "The origin of the world” .
"Close-up" is especially a way to speak about the « intimate thing » and about its representation.

Randa Maroufi (born 1987, Casablanca, MA) works and lives in Paris (FR). She is a visual artist and film maker graduate from the University in Tetouan, Angers and Le Fresnoy.

Book Selection Chapter 2

Selection from the Library

Manuel Herz - African Modernism: Architecture of Independence Ghana, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Zambia 2015, Park Books, Zurich

Manuel Herz's groundbreaking study on African Modernisms, abundantly illustrated, collects the architecture as  mementos of the independence of 5 African nations

Francesco Bonami, Julia Rodriguez Windholm (ed.) - Universal Experience: Art, Life and the Tourist Eye, 2005, DAP/MCA, Chicago

Bonami's and Windholm's interdisciplinary study brings together research from anthropology, sociology and political sciences to shine light on the universal experience of mobility, whilst commenting on tourism and travel.

Clementine Deliss, Taimaz Shahverdi - Trading Style: Weltmode im dialog
2012, Kerber Verlag, Bielefeld

Trading Style draws on the concept of style as a global phenomena enhanced through global streetstyles and the exchange with international major fashion labels.

Redecoration politics
Will Trump’s White House push back recent gains by African-American artists?

by Sean O'Toole

Glissando Papesse

Radio Papesse (IT), 10’, 2016

A journey into Radio Papesse sonic archive in response to Glissant’s approach to relational identity.

Sama Waly: Monologue

4’16’’, 2014

A bodiless voice speaks in first person, in attempt to define ‘I’ … When a voice becomes ‘nothing’, in this nothingness is reborn as language, it transforms into a breath, and eventually reaches silence; you have witnessed the existentialist crisis of language.

Walter Wippersberger
Dunkles rätselhaftes Österreich

Documentary, 45"

Olufemi Terry
There are startling, unambiguous parallels


Olufemi Terry, winner of the 2010 Caine Prize for for African writing takes a closer look at the revival of interest in masquerades and folk traditions celebrated in several coffee table books.

Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
Complication, 2013

Oil on canvas, 200 x 250 cm, 78.7 x 98.4 in
Courtesy the Artist, Corvi-mora, London and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

London-based artist Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, the painter who inspired Solange’s “Don’t Touch My Hair” video.

youtube – Solange / Don't Touch My Hair

Don't touch my hair

Music Video, 4'25"

youtube – Muthoni The Drummer Queen / Kenyan Message

Muthoni The Drummer Queen
Kenyan Message

Music Video, 3'37"

A Tribe Called Quest
We The People

Music Video, 3'15"

Kendrick Lamar

Music Video, 6'55"

Hannibal Andersen: In the gap

7’21’’, 2014

In my little seat, in this machine made of metal, I am destined to wait while I am being transported towards my destination. I am forwarded, swiftly, yet my body remains still. My senses unfold and sharpen as time and distance collapse in the gap between A and B. There is no letter between A and B, only a gap. And, in this gap, I discover the subtle harmonics in the humming of the engine. There is nothing between these harmonics either, except the ever-present background noise, demanding my attention.

Anna Raimondo: Untitled (the stranger, the water and what I am)

1’31’’, 2012

“(…) Anna Raimondo is aware that every definition is a limitation, a frontier in itself, something that unites but also separates that can be impermeable. A stranger splashes her at each definition she declares about herself as a woman, as a feminist, as an Italian, as an artist in a metropolis such as London... each water bucket thrown against the performer carries the innocence and violence of games. By the way, being soaking wet, being baptized, are themselves rites of passage, alluding to fluidity, instability, permanent changeability. The action here aims at approaching one of the thorniest issues of the time: if identity has effectively become the battleground of political confrontation, what should we expect when finding that no space for self-definition is any longer available?”

(Text: Maria Iñigo Clavo)

Younes Baba-Ali: Tout le monde s’appelle Mohamed

1’29’’, 2013

Imagine a sound that could not only be produced but also heard by the listener, a sound he could physically and instinctively react to. Imagine a direct form of interaction based on sound. This is the beginning of this piece, where, in the street, a voice calls “Mohamed”, an exclamation addressed to any unknown male. A frank and brutal call which fills the gap left by the radio medium, where you can only imagine the listener’s feedback.

Sonic Panoramas #1
To Be Or Not To Be – While In The Middle The Becoming

Saout Radio, 57'43", 2017

To be or not to be. Being, becoming. Identity has turned into one of the most politicized and slippery spaces. Poet and philosopher Edouard Glissant recognizes that identity is not a monolith idea. We are, because we are in relation with the other. Our roots are like the ones of a plant or a tree, they make us grow by the meeting of other roots and they meet like crossing hands. Guided by these ideas Saout Radio proposes an one hour immersion into a sonic panorama, exploring the notion of identity through different languages and formats, through different sensibilities and voices.

Written and edited by Anna Raimondo
Jingle & music selection: Chloé Despax
English translation: Jennifer Herth
Design: Stefan Pollak
Artists: Hannibal Andersen (DK), Younes Baba-Ali (MA), Maria Balabas (RO), Youssef Ouchra (MA), Karen Power (IRL), Anna Raimondo (IT), Sama Waly (EG) Carte Blanche to Radio Papesse (IT).
Curated by Younes Baba-Ali and Anna Raimondo for Saout Radio
Commissioned by Alya Sebti for ifa Gallery Berlin

Damon Sajnani
HipHop’s Origins as Organic Decolonization


Damon Sajnani aka is a HipHop artist, activist, and academic. His research interests include Africana culture, politics, and philosophy, socio-political theory, race/racism, geopolitics, social justice, and global HipHop studies.

Decolonial Thinking with Rolando Vázquez
The End of the Contemporary?

In March of this year, the sociologist Rolando Vázquez was invited to Berlin to reflect on “decolonizing time” as a way of thinking beyond Western modernity. C& spoke to him about terminologies, alternative approaches to history, and about how he created a decolonial space for thinking at the Festvial MaerzMusik* at Berliner Festspiele.

Princess Nokia “Brujas”

(((o))) Acoustic Mirror: Plazatomada/reverb, 2018

#plazatomada/reverb is a short radio piece that revisits what I believe was a crucial moment during the 2011 #15M occupation movement in Madrid Spain. The work is based on field recordings produced during the heady days of early August 2011, when, in preparation for the Pope's visit to Madrid, the local authorities decided to evict and cordon off Puerta del Sol, Madrid's central square and the site of the #AcampadaSol occupation between May and July 2011.

During these days, protesters adhered to the principles of non-violent protest that had been so important for the #15 movement, and, instead of trying to force their way back into the square, proceeded to lay siege to the whole city centre. Three days later, the authorities gave up and the square was taken again.
Against a tradition which represents riots as confrontational, violent, and suspiciously masculine contexts, these acts proved to be a true demonstration of collective intelligence - a rare thing, even back in the contexts of Spain's #15M movement in the summer of 2011.

(((o))) Acoustic Mirror lives and works in Madrid, ES.

Anna Raimondo: Untitled (Silences and hesitations), 2012

Silence, over the language and its structure, could question or resist the dualism between genders. These particular silences issued by the personal archive of the artist and her collection of interviews with female musicians, singers and composers conceptually emphasize the official historiography’s hesitations to include women in musical canons. 

Anna Raimondo (born 1981 in Naples) lives in Brussels and works internationally.

Sonic Panoramas #4
On Riot Cultures and Riot Sounds

We are in Sonic Panoramas and we are speaking of riot cultures and resisting sounds,

we are speaking about silence as a form of active resistance, we are speaking about non resistance as a form of resistance, we are speaking about the power of activism and inspiring people.

Thinking about riot cultures, Jacques Attali ’s "Noise: The Political Economy of Music" came to my mind. He suggests that we should learn to judge a society on the basis of its noises more than its statistics. Noise could be institutional and normative but it could also be the sound of a collective subversion. My attention switched from the concept of riot cultures to the attempt of embracing the nature of riot sounds. What could be classified as riot sounds? Sonic Panoramas #4 - On Riot Cultures and Riot Sounds explore the interpretations of riot sounds made by artists from different cultural horizons.

Sonic Panoramas #4 curated by Anna Raimondo for Saout Radio, commissioned by ifa Galerie Berlin Written by Anna Raimondo

English translation’s editing: Adriano Giampietro and Marie-Eve Merckx Communication: Chloé Despax Design: Stefan Pollak Artists: Acoustic Mirror (ES), Daniel Bargach Mitre (VEN/BOL), Cristian Espinoza (CL/ARG), Hagaiz Eizenberg (ISR), Bárbara González Barrera (CL),  Brandon LaBelle (DE), Radio Alice (IT), Anna Raimondo (IT), Felipe Rodríguez Gómez (CO), Griselda Sánchez (MEX), Silence ça urge! (FR)


Nazlee Arbee - Wake Up Call

Africans on Black Lives Matter

Africans on Black Lives Matter

Bárbara González Barrera: Metrónomo 40.1, 2016

Abstract form metronome 40 (Acción Rizoma). Live action recording.

Bárbara González Barrera lives and works in Santiago de Chile, CL.

Brandon LaBelle: Speculations on the lyrical imagination of the resistant, the lazy and the hopeful

Recorded live as part of Club Transmediale, Bethanien, Berlin, 2015. Excerpt.

The trembling voice, the determined gaze, the soft touch, the pouting lip, the pain of freedom, the frog in the throat, the distant horizon, the sudden burst, the gathering crowd, the forgotten words, the unknown outcome, the social energy, the lonely thought, the dispossessed, the longing and the nation, the disciplinary grip, the body on the run, the lost tribe, and the friendship, the flickering light, the moon overhead, the remembrance of things, the quiet hour, the dark alley, the unforgettable sound, the afternoon that drifts, the road to nowhere, and the sign up ahead, the song that made me stop, the whisper, the encounter, the apparatus, the writing on the wall, and the broken drum.

Brandon LaBelle (born 1969 in Memphis, US) lives and works in Berlin, DE.

Griselda Sánchez: Palabrandar, 2017

Produced by Radio Tsonami

Community radios, with more than fifty years in Latin America, play a key role among the voices that suggest other real and possible worlds. In order to cut them off, the states use carrier signals, interferences and confiscations, thus becoming spaces of dispute in the radio spectrum. Palabrandar is based on soundscapes, identifiers, radio slots and songs from different radios of the continent: Ucamara, Ñu Kaan, Jempoj, La Voz Lenca, Ñomdaa, Insurgente, CRIC, América Profunda, and with audio files of Radio Universidad, Plantón and Venceremos.

Griselda Sánchez lives and works in México.

Hagai Eizenberg: 24 Hours, 2016

On March 24th 2016 there was a shooting incident that soon became another terrible milestone in Israel-Palestine relations called The Hebron shooting incident. A Palestinian assailant stabbed an Israeli soldier, and as a result was shot, wounded and "neutralized", and afterwards was shot again in the head by an IDF soldier, as he lay wounded on the ground. The second shooting was videotaped and released by the news later that day.

This work takes 24 consecutive news editions of that one single day (news on the radio are broadcast every hour) and attempt to show evolution of the story - beginning with the Palestinian stabbing the soldier, and later during the day after the videotape was released - the story of the Israeli soldier shooting the Palestinian in the head after he was neutralized.

Hagai Eizenberg (born 1978 in Israel) lives and works in Israel.

Felipe Rodríguez Gómez: Plazarte cultural, 2017

On December 26, 2017, the police with the help of the S.M.A.D arbitrarily evicted Plazarte cultural center, violating fundamental rights of the visitors and the resident community. Plazarte cultural center is a space for cultural and community construction, which in the last 9 years has contributed independently to the improvement of the social conditions of the neighborhood and to the artists of the city, activating a living heritage space for the people in Medellín.

Felipe Rodríguez Gómez lives and works in Colombia.

Daniel Bargach Mitre: #YOSOYTU, 2016

Rosmery Guarita is the leader of people with disabilities in Bolivia. In 2016 harshly faced the government of Evo Morales. She and several of her companions decided to use their wheelchairs to travel 370km from Cochabamba to La Paz to demand their rights.
I turn her wheelchair into a sound object, it activates when you sit on it.

Daniel Bargach Mitre, born 1977 in Caracas (VEN), lives and works in La Paz, (BOL).

Cristian Espinoza: DECEMBER 18´S CACEROLAZO, 18 Dic 2017

The sound documentation was recorded during a warm night  of the summer solstice in the streets of Buenos Aires.  In the middle of a political crisis produced by the structural changes requested by the FMI to the conservative goberment, appears in all the city this local form of protest where people make strident sounds using their kitchen utensils as cooking pots, frying pan, spoons, etc.

Cristian Espinoza (born 1976 in Santiago de Chile (CL)) lives and works in Buenos Aires (ARG) and Santiago (CL).

NWA - Fuck da Police

N.W.A. - Fuck da police

Selection from the Library

James Baldwin and Margaret Meads - A rap on Race. J. B. Lippincott & Co, 1971, Philadelphia.

Achille Mbembe . Kritik der schwarzen Vernunft. Suhrkamp, 2014, Berlin.

Habiba Effat: Q //\\ يا واد يا بت

2017, 18 minutes

Q //\\ يا واد يا بت is a sound piece created using manipulated field recordings of daily, personal interactions that attempts to explore the intersectionality of gender performance, spatial negotiations and class dynamics within public encounters in Cairo.


Habiba Effat (b. 1991 in Cairo, Egypt) is a Cairo-based sound artist and writer. With a BA from the American University in Cairo, she currently works with independent online news outlet Mada Masr.

Myriam Pruvot: “Foudre Chant”

2014, 7’03’’

Sound sequence map which intersects recording and vocal improvisation. It is a single take, the singing is given raw, in a different place each time. Broadcast on laviemanifeste live performance at Festival Monophonic à Bruxelles

Sonic Panoramas #3
Sonic Feminisms

Saout Radio, 1h 1'49'', 2017

There are as many sounds as possible ways to be woman.
As many women as possible feminisms.
As many feminisms as possible sounds.

May Ayim an der M-Straße

Audre Lorde reads the ‚uses of Erotic‘

Fair Play Medley


Medley, with sound and music by: Loïse Bulot - Isabelle Stragliati - Méryll Ampe - Maria Cristina Kasem - Anne Laure Pigache - Anne-Julie Rollet - Aline Penitot - Pôm Bouvier b. - Anna Raimondo - Lola Ajima - Myriam Pruvot - Christine Groult - Sophie Lacaze - Soizic Lebrat - Sophie Couronne - Marie Lisel - Julie Mondor - Julia Drouhin - DinahBird - Lucie Bortot - Claudia Wegener - Carole Rieussec - Ocean Viva Silver - Sassy Hertz - Crystal DJ Kwe Favel - Abbigal Muleya - SheWolf

Selection from the Library

Ragnar Farr - Mirage: Enigmas of Race, Difference and Desire (exh. cat.)
ICA, London, 1996

This interdisciplinary exhibition project is inspired by the Frantz Fanon's writing, especially his most prolific one 'Black Skin, White Masks'

Tim Stüttgen - In a Qu*a*re time and place. Post-Slavery Temporalities, Blaxploitation, and Sun Ra’s Afrofuturism between Intersectionality and Heterogeneity
b_books, Berlin, 2014

In a Qu*a*re rather then in an (unmarked white) queer space, Stüttgen examines the post-slavery paradigm as an epistemological break in the predominantly white gender and queer studies.

Diedrich Diederichsen - Loving the Alien
ID Verlag, Berlin, 1998

Loving the Alien was a project with the Volksbühne Berlin in 1997, which aimed to bring topics of diaspora, science fiction and multiculture on the stage in form of music, theater and presentations.

Phylis Galembo - Maske
Chris boot/Aperture, 2010/2016

After two decades of documenting the religious and cultural traditions in Africa and in the African diaspora, this album features over 100 of Galembs masquerade photographs describing the transformative powers of masks.

Franziska Jenni: Through the Lens

In Bamako, a group of young photographers engage a changing city.

Lucélia Sergio and Sidney Santiago Kuanza: Afrontamentos

Cia Os Crespos is a São Paulo theater collective that has researched the emotional lives of Black transvestites, cross-dressers, drag queens, and transgender people.

An Essential Gesture of Cultural Resistance

A round-table conversation with three collectives about the role of their artist-run platforms: Misheck Masamvu from Village Unhu in Zimbabwe, members of lugar a dudas, and Adriana Quiñones León from Afrorexistencia, both in Colombia.
Interview by Aïcha Diallo.

Audio documentation of the Talk by Driss Ksikes

Audio documentation


Collectif 'Silence ça urge': Citizen Yoga, 2017

Produced for Utopie Sonore

The permanent state of alert in France could be experienced as a break for the search for your well-being.

We live in a world where it is more and more difficult to escape anxiety and parasitic thoughts.
To help you, the Ministry of Inner Health offers this daily program of citizen relaxation.
Sit on your carpet and let yourself be guided to find your way to relax ...

Silence ça urge! is a french collective of radio makers.