Opening: THE LISTENING AND THE WINDS. Narratives and Inscriptions of the Gran Chaco

Archivo barroymemoria. Saber la tierra. Foto digital de Milagro Tejerina (2019). Alicia Saravia, ceramista chané de la Comunidad Tutiatí, extrayendo arcilla para realizar sus piezas modeladas. Campo Durán, Salta, Argentina.

This exhibition offers traces of dialogues between different temporalities and memories created in a northern Argentinian border region: the Gran Chaco Americano. The Listening and the Winds brings together craftswomen’s collectives, activists and communicators from the pueblos originarios with artists and researchers who live in the region to reflect on the political significance of their creative output. The exhibit shows fragments of these activities and the artefacts that result from them: textiles, ceramics, drawings, soundscapes and audiovisual landscapes. Curated by Andrea Fernández in the context of the new Environment series, the exhibition is part of ifa Gallery Berlin’s Untie to Tie project.


Due to the current situation, we ask you to pay attention to the current safety rules. Please be aware that only 15 visitors at a time will be able to enter the exhibition space. Please bring your own mask and wear it inside and outside the gallery space.