Mazen Kerbaj invites... Ute Wassermann plus one

Music and visual arts are the two facets of Mazen Kerbaj’s work. Both practices influence each other a lot, and it seems very natural to present a series of concerts in this exhibition. In this series Kerbaj invites one of his close collaborators in Berlin, asking her/him to bring along another musician. The name of the second musician will remain unrevealed to Kerbaj and to the audience until the date of the show, where the three musicians will perform together for the first time.

As a vocal artist and composer, Ute Wassermann is known for her polyphonic and extreme sound language, which she brings into various contexts of experimental music. She graduated in fine arts (sound installations / performance) at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg and studied fine arts / music / singing at the University of California, San Diego. She develops her performances in the fields of composition, improvisation, performance art and sound art. With her voice she creates sound spaces in which the voice goes far beyond the usual sound and produces instrumental, electronic or nature-like noises. She also expands her singing with birdcalls and mouthpipes, field recordings, resonance and loudspeaker objects, as well as with light. As an improviser she regularly performs with musicians from the international scene, as well as in fixed groups. As a voice soloist in the field of New Music and experimental music Ute Wassermann performs at festivals and stages in Europe, Australia, Asia, Mexico, Brazil, USA and in museums, art halls, clubs.